This 45-minute Career Breakthrough Session is designed for managers, heads of and directors who want to improve their ability to market and sell themselves in a very competitive job market.

During the call we'll map out your goals and challenges, then we’ll troubleshoot your current job search strategy and identify the gaps in your current positioning. If you and I decide to work together, I’ll outline my program, the investment and recommend next steps.

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Ivy L.

Financial Business Partner

"Caroline's experience and viewpoints from HR and a recruiter’s point are extremely valuable. For the first time I got to see the other side of the recruiting/hiring/job application process. This helped me to land more interviews and get job offers."

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Stephanie B.

Senior Marketing Manager Retention

"I have googled a huge number of websites, read blogs, followed ‘Professional Resume Writers’ on LinkedIn and even paid to have my resume rewritten. None of these options have given me the clarity that Caroline has given me."

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Megan B.

Marketing & Communications Manager

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I got 4 out of 5 employers asking me for an interview within 7 hours of sending my resume. Yay :) "

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Steven A.

Director Of Technology

"Caroline's resume design and career coaching is exceptional."

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Preeti I.

General Manager

"Recruiters started reaching out to me!"

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David B.

"Since I followed your advice, I'm actually getting interviews! "


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Chai L.

Senior Manager, Digital Product & Strategy

"I found it challenging to define how recruiters could promote me in the market. Now, I know!"

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Hélène B.

Manager Programs & Partnerships

"Caroline is the key to help you unlock your potential, and understand fully the extent of
your skills, and what you really want."

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Kate P.

Customer Experience Manager

"I now have a new job!"

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